You open up your email this AM and there it goes — the 10,000,0000 gajillion marketing emails. At some point you were probably wondering, did I really sign up for this? And there you go, marking your entire inbox and hitting the delete button.

Then, it’s your turn to send your business’ newsletter to your customers and/or clients. Oh crap, you start to wonder — I’m doing it — sending another email to the deep abyss of emails in an inbox. You shut your computer and say, forget it.

But it doesn’t have to end that way.

Yes, you can send an e-blast. Here are several tricks to increase your open rate, reduce bounce rate, and of course — convert it to a sale!

  1.  Make It Informational 

Cliche as it may sound, content is KING. If you have your customers’ emails, they obviously do want to hear from you. So what makes someone unsubscribe or miss your email? When it doesn’t provide value. For example, if Lera owns a boutique, instead of just saying “New Merchandise — Shop Now” share an email that provides “5 New Ways To Wear This Season’s Color” and then end it with “Show New Merchandise”. See the difference?

2.    The Power Of Great Design

We cannot stress how important great design is. We are all visual creatures and good design creates an emotional bond with your customers. We highly recommend hiring a designer to execute your email marketing. However, if that isn’t in the cards — our main advice is to avoid kitschy colors and fonts. Anything that screams “I used MS Paint to create this e-blast” is a big no-no.

3.    Short, Sweet, and Simple

But your first tip just said to make my e-blast informational. True, but there’s an art to making it concise and precise. It’s very easy to go overboard by wanting to consolidate your news and share everything. Remember, an average person has a 6-second span when it comes to reading an email. So make it worth it! The trick is to choose ONE theme and stick with that.

4.    Holy Moly — Is That A Subject Line? 

Ha, we got you with the subject line — didn’t we? 😉 Last but not least, take the time to create a compelling subject line since this is the first step to opening an email. Avoid generic ones like “Huge Discounts Now” or “Our Newsletter”. That’s a snoozefest. Instead, make it conversational such as “Best friends always give you 50% OFF” or something along that line.

We hope you find these tips and tricks helpful! Still not in the mood to create your own e-blast? Well, isn’t this your lucky day — we’d love to help you with that! 😀

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