This post isn’t very marketing related but as you may know — we try to be as organized as possible with our files and folders on our desktop. But once in awhile, we have to get physical when it comes to organizing and that freaks us out. Until we found, this oh-so-cute store just made us want to abandon our digital duties and organize files. All. Day. * insert wow emoticon *

We found three of our favorite items and wanted to share that with you!

Bando Sticky Notes


Besides coffee, we run on sticky notes. Cute sticky notes, that’s for sure. Spice your desk with these adorable notes!

Ban.Do File Folder Set


Papers, papers, and more papers. File those away with statement folders like this. Yeah, we know you’re very busy. 😉

Ban.Do Giant Speaker Set


Umm, need we say more? This speaker set is quite the gem. What tunes shall we listen to today?



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