You may ask yourself — Is photography really necessary for social media? The answer is yes.

As our social feed becomes more inundated with content, it is really important to utilize the visual aspect of it. With that said, photography plays a very key role in showcasing your brand’s identity. You can tell a visual story through various aesthetic and angles in photography. Moreover, photography gives your customers or clients a glimpse to your business in the best possible light. Here are some tips to take good photos —

  1. Lighting

Any photographer will tell you that the magic to the perfect photo is lighting, lighting, and lighting. The “magic hour” is typically at dawn or dusk. Photos that are too dark will make it look grainy, thus making editing a little tougher.

2.  Angle

Next, play with the angle of your camera. The current trend is to take it from a “bird’s-eye” view. Depending on your subject, there are multiple ways to convey your view. Allow your creativity juice to flow.

3.  Filters

A quick way to make any photos look good is using a filter from a photo app. There are multitudes of photo apps in the market with Instagram and VSCO Cam being the most popular. But do be careful to not overdo with the filter that will change the aesthetic of your product. The last you want is an angry customer thinking you’ve duped them through social media.


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